Detox Tea


Organic Detox Tea

Our loose leaf certified organic detox tea helps rid your body of toxins, rejuvenate your mind, awaken your spirit and make your taste buds dance!*
Our proprietary blend of herbs gently cleanses your body while providing essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.*

Each tea batch contains an exclusive blend of organic botanicals and herbs. Enjoy it anytime, every day. It’s the stuff that clean is made of.
3 oz (85g) | approximately 35 servings

16oz (452g) | 15 servings



Organic Detox Tea is Ideal for someone who doesn’t like swallowing capsules or dealing with the shake making process. It’s also a favorite of tea drinkers – experienced and novice alike!

If you’re new to loose teas then you’re in for a treat! Typical tea bags contain herbs and leaves that have been chopped up and ground up into a fine powder, which means the nutrients that may have once been in those ingredients have been given up! The heating process of sealing tea into small bags continues to rob the tea of nutrients.

Studies show that loose teas contain more antioxidants, more vitamins and more minerals than their bagged-up relatives.*

All of our teas are caffeine free. Caffeine is toxic to your body so even if you are super-sensitive to caffeine or stimulants then you can drink Organic Detox Tea and be at ease.

How to use

Infuse 1 teaspoon of tea in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. Enjoy up to 3 cups per day. Use for life. Check out our healthy eating plan for more tips on how to optimize your cleansing experience!

For an even deeper cleanse you can add the Organic Detox Protein and Organic Detox Nutraceutical for faster results. 


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What is a “loose leaf ” tea?

Loose leaf teas are “loose” from the constriction of any bag. You get to control how much or how little to use in every single cup. Loose teas are made from larger pieces than what you’ll find in a tea bag which is important because the finer the tea the less flavor and naturally occurring and beneficial compounds. Loose teas are ideal in maintaining the true taste and nutrient quality of a tea.

The tea in tea bags are ground up, processed, and heat sealed into bags destroying much of their nutrient content. Our process of gently blending the herbs and using whole botanicals, roots, and herbal leaves ensure you’re getting all of the nutritional benefits with a great taste.

I’ve heard teas should be able to expand, what’s that about?

You’ve heard right! Ideally teas should have room to expand and contract while brewing, this helps the infusion of flavoring as more water moves over the pieces. Tea bags do not allow for this so you will not get the same flavor. Typically loose teas are the highest quality of tea available. We have a feeling that once you’ve tried loose tea you won’t want to go back.

So, how do I prepare this tea if it doesn’t come packaged in a tea bag?

It’s very easy and just as convenient to brew a nice cup of tea using a herbal tea infuser. You simply fill the infuser half full of tea (leaving the other half empty so the tea can expand) and place in your cup of hot water for 4 to 6 minutes. Tea infusers allow the true flavor of the tea to come through during brewing giving you a full-bodied beverage that’s truly delightful.

Does the organic detox tea contain caffeine?

No. Our teas are herbal teas and do not contain any caffeine, stimulants, or laxatives.

When can I drink the detox tea?

Because our teas are caffeine free you can drink these anytime. Enjoy the peppermint flavor when you need to invigorate your body and mind and enjoy the rich hibiscus flavor when you want to relax.

Why is the tea packaged in a tin?

We chose tin because it is one of the best materials to recycle and because it offers the most protection for keeping your tea extra fresh. It is also an attractive option for re-purposing. You can simply take off the label and reuse the tin to store anything your heart desires.

Since these teas are “detox teas”, do I have to worry about bathroom emergencies?

We’re happy to say that you do not have to worry about any bathroom emergencies while enjoying our detox teas. They’re specially formulated to gently cleanse and aid your body in detoxing over time, not overnight.