Probiotic Complex


Probiotic Complex

Not all Probiotics are created equal. Many of them die on the shelf, especially if they’re not refrigerated, while others are destroyed by your stomach’s acid and intestinal bile. SoCal Cleanse Probiotic Complex is different.

Our blend features bacillus coagulant which survives heat, pressure, and stomach acid to arrive alive and kicking’ to your intestines- the desired destination. Other probiotics aren’t so lucky.

If this weren’t enough already, we added organic ginger, fennel, and turmeric to help gently detoxify the body.
Some call our Probiotic Complex an overachiever. We call it the new standard of probiotics.



The SoCal Cleanse Probiotic Complex is an all vegan spore-based probiotic in a veggie capsule. Unlike dairy-based probiotics, our probiotic survives the stomach environment and flourishes within the gut for maximum benefit.

Bacillis Coagulans is a bacteria naturally found in soil and is grown through fermentation of glucose like sugar cane and sugar beets. Created by a clinical nutritionist, SoCal Cleanse Probiotic Complex is the next generation of probiotics but available now.

How to use

Take two capsules daily with water. Safe to take on an empty stomach.


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What are the benefits of taking Probiotic Complex?

The latest research suggests that the benefits of probiotics extends into many parts of our health. Friendly bacteria has been linked to:

– soothing diarrhea, IBS, cramping, bloating, constipation, and gas
– helping fight infection
– boosting immune system
– fighting obesity
– reduction of allergies

Can I take probiotics with other supplements?

Yes! In fact we recommend adding Probiotic Complex with any of SoCal Cleanse’s products. They were all designed to be taken either separately or together for a deeper cleanse.

Do these need to be refrigerated?

SoCal Cleanse Probiotic Complex does NOT need to be refrigerated. It is shelf stable. We do recommend storing them, like any supplement, in a cool dry place.

Don’t I get probiotics from food?

Some raw foods do contain helpful enzymes however because of today’s lifestyle choices and You can absolutely find probiotics in some food. In particular, probiotics are found in fermented foods like kombucha, sauerkraut. Tempeh, kimchi, and miso but keep in mind there are many different strains of probiotics and it’s difficult to get enough probiotics through food alone so even if you have a steady flow of these foods we still recommend supplementing with our Probiotic Complex to ensure you are creating the best environment in your gut possible.

Are probiotics safe to take during pregnancy?

Probiotics are normally safe to take during pregnancy but as an added precaution always check with your doctor first.